Thursday, 29 July 2010

The beginning...?

Well here I am, an idea dreamed up on a train from Amritsar to Delhi on the last legs of my Indian adventure, first embarked upon on July 11th 2010. If you had told me just over a year ago when I had finished Uni that I would be starting up a blog attempting to document my scrambled little thoughts I probably wouldn’t have listened. But truth be told in the past few months I have often found myself pinching any bit of paper closest to me (usually the back of a receipt) to scribble some non-sensical mutterings down on. It’s strange that I’ve reached a point where I find myself questioning the way things are, and this wasn’t really a characteristic too prominent in my personality before. Perhaps it’s knowing that I’m in a position now where I need to think about what I actually want to do with my life, or having done some travelling I’ve come across different ways of living and it’s made my mind ponder. I’m guessing it’s a combination of the two. The culture shock that is my experience in India (much more to be written about that, see following posts!) has given me that little shove to actually get on with this.
I’m not claiming that I will uncover any great secrets of human activity or culture. I will probably try to make sense of questions that have been answered countless times before. This is more or less a way for me to put my thoughts and reflections out there without wasting too much paper. 

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