Thursday, 14 October 2010

High Culture/Low Culture Part Two: Trash

Life without at TV for me really isn’t much of a struggle. Don’t most of you make out that there’s never anything on TV anyway?! When doing it my way, I watch the programmes I want, when I want to watch them, and don’t waste my time putting any old thing on which I know is what I would do, and I also don’t have to pay for a TV license, hooray!

I will be completely honest at this point though, and admit that when I do get my hands on a TV, I watch and are addicted to some complete and utter rubbish. I love The Hills. I love America’s Next Top Model. I love Girls of the Playboy Mansion. I continually damn myself whilst sitting back and enjoying the hilarity that is each and every one of these programmes. But that’s all I see them as, examples of how other people lives are just downright ridiculous. What is it in me that still loves a bit of trash?! In fact, what is it in all of us?

I scorned a co-worker the other day for buying a copy of The Daily Star, a newspaper dedicated to printing useless information. When I buy the paper, I buy it to learn something. Granted, finding out who got off their tits last weekend and fell out of a taxi with their hoohaa on show is learning something, but I’m hardly going to use that information anywhere else (perhaps the odd pub quiz in the following weeks, an answer that could win you vital points!).

But once again I will admit that I flicked through the damn thing and enjoyed it! Is it just because you can completely judge someone in the spotlight through their own merit (debatable) and we love to see people fall from the world of fame? Can gossip to our hearts content with no repercussions whatsoever? I think so. Most of these people put themselves in the spotlight though, what do they expect? And I’m sure once upon a time before their rise to fame they enjoyed such past times as well.

Maybe it’s just that you can watch something like The Hills and completely switch off your brain and not have to think about what you’re viewing. Now I’ve said it like that, I feel like it’s a complete waste of my life. And so is me re-watching all the box sets I own. But I genuinely love being about to just switch off after work and go home to a familiar TV programme that I know I’ve enjoyed countless times before.

There are some truly informative programmes on TV however and I won’t discredit it completely. But I will say that it’s never the informative programmes I hear about. No one ever says ‘Oooohhh did you watch that Panorama last night? Dispatches? No?’. It’s usually, ‘It reminds me of that advert…you know…that one with the monkey’. Or, ‘Did you watch Big Brother?!’ in a desperate and impatient tone. Something tells me I’m not missing out too much?! 

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