Friday, 4 February 2011

A Step Up

In light of the recent employment crisis in the UK, I started applying for jobs back home even before I left Canada. Part of me was utterly ashamed that I was thinking too far ahead, being more practical in my thinking than ever before. I probably should have just chilled the hell out and kicked back, enjoying the freedom I had left. But no, my paranoia in completely running out of money shortly after my return took charge. I had to explain in every cover letter that they could in no way call my mobile phone because it would cost me and them a freakin' fortune. I liked to think that at least mentioning I was in Canada might make my CV a little more memorable.

What's more is that I was applying for jobs that seemed so mind-numbingly mundane and pointless, it made my return seem even more depressing. I was going back and intentionally looking for work that I would inevitably hate within days. But, the pay way good, and for those of you who have read my previous thoughts on working in retail, I'd be damned if I was going back to that.

With what seemed like a million cover letters later, and not a peep back from any of them, I was beginning to get restless. I had been back in the country for four days and had spent inexplicable amounts of money in celebrating my return.

One Friday morning however, I delved into the world of the Jobseekers website; possibly the most depressing space on the internet ever invented. The sight of orange and white and the DirectGovs layout will never cease to haunt me. Whilst traipsing through and applying for a few standard jobs here and there, I came across an editorial position which I thought might have been within my reach.

Of course, I applied immediately, considering publishing was actually a field I was interested in working in. Two hours later I was offered an interview for the following Monday, and within four days the job was mine. How the bloody hell had I managed this?! I had landed a job I was genuinely interested in, less than a week after returning from a two month trip abroad, which I quit my job for and seriously risked my financial situation.

Needless to say I am one happy bunny. The sting of returning home after an adventure has been somewhat soothed by the fact that I won't be going back to a job I hate. Coupled with my chunky payrise from the pitiful world of retail, things are seriously looking up....

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  1. Sounds awesome, Emma!
    In the end everything turned out perfekt :)
    I love your Blog. Love it.