Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Vintage Vancouver

Those of you who are personally familiar with me know that I have a slight problem when it comes to vintage clothing, in that I can’t stop buying it. I have recently blitzed my wardrobe, and was disgusted at how many items from Primark I owned from my student days. Needless to say, it was all sent off packing to the charity shop.

I don’t tend to shop extensively much anymore, but when I’m in a foreign country I feel it my duty to hunt the nearest vintage stores. With each piece I buy, I could tell you where I bought it, how I fell in love with it and to what extent. I doubt I could tell you the same information for all that Primark nonsense I purchased, I could only report to you how little times I’ve worn it.

So, for those of my friends still hovering about the British Columbia area and possible fancy checking out some of those rockin’ vintage classics in Vancouver, pop by these stores…

F is for Frank – Main Street

This one is like a miniature version of my favourite vintage warehouse in Birmingham back in the UK, but has the added bonus of not being in Birmingham. A killer selection of men’s stuff, enough to make any dweeb look like a hunky cowboy. An impressive collection of funky and unique sunglasses. A little on the pricey side but if you find something that must come home with you, what’cha gunna do?

Mintage – Commercial Drive

One of my favourites that had a beautiful $10 dress sale and $5 bargain section; what I think vintage should be unless it’s incredible designer gear. My companion managed to hunt down several items she just had to have. It was more or less torture for me considering my dire financial situation as it was the end of my trip.

True Value Vintage – Robson and Granville

Does what it says on the tin. As cheap as it seems to be normally, we happened to find True Value in a moment of panic; they were relocating in a week or so, which meant as much stock had to be shifted as possible. Oh sweet Lord I have died and gone to vintage sale heaven.

The Pink Elephant – Commercial

This was the first vintage shop I found in Vancouver in my first week; needless to say I was happy. Walk in and find the bargain rails at the front bearing manna from heaven, and then take a stroll into the back to find the meatier items to get your teeth into. Prices can vary but you’re sure to find something sweet.

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