Thursday, 10 March 2011

And another thing...

Just a little additional post to my Are we all copycats? one a few days ago. Found this picture/quote whilst I was trawling the internet yesterday and it demonstrates my point much more clearly than I could...

Apologies for the size but I'd like to see you try and read it otherwise.

I think it effectively explains how being original doesn't have to mean conjuring up something entirely new. Especially speaking in terms of blogs, having a collection of things that inspire/provoke thought/delight/interest you that are pulled from various outside sources surely just creates a picture of the person you are, and that in itself is original?

I especially enjoy Jean-Luc Godard's quote. It's quite comforting to know that such creative types as these two directors (Godard and Jarmusch himself) have this realisation about originality and authenticity.

I'd like to think I might be taking all my inpiration to a new direction. Perhaps one that may have been explored before but what's the harm in adding to that subject.

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